Organizational Development

  • Strategic Planning


CKME reorganized as a not for profit organization in 2009 and as part of that process received a grant from the Arts Work Fund to launch a strategic planning effort designed to revise its vision, mission and values and establish goals and objectives that would guide the organization moving forward. CKME engaged the Arts Consulting Firm to facilitate the creation of the strategic

The strategic planning process was led by the Strategic Planning Committee, comprised of CKME board members, staff, and local community members involved in the arts. Additional feedback on the planning process was provided by the Community Advisory Committee whose participants included prominent members of the Chicago arts community.

  • Board Building


Board Building and Committee Development were identified by CKME’s strategic planning process as a crucial next step in the future development and success of the organization. The strategic plan highlighted the importance of having an active and influential board of directors in order to provide a strong organizational foundation. With generous support by the Arts Work Fund, CKME embarked on a unique Board Building & Development process guided by Kristin Patton of Ensemble Consulting and utilizing the philosophy of Arts Action Research.

Through the continued professional guidance of the consultant and the AAR model, the process ensures that CKME’s new board, committees and support groups act together within their clearly defined roles, goals, priorities, and structure to effectively support the growth of the organization by harnessing structural support for successful new programming, organizational leadership, community partnerships, and funding development.

  • Program Production Creation


CKME’s new board and its committees will play a crucial role in ensuring the successful development, creation and l launch of CKME’s new Gershwin production being premiered by the National Symphony Orchestra at the Kennedy Center in April of 2015. This production is generating tremendous interest and the Board Development Task Force identified the power in leveraging this exciting project to galvanize and help focus the new board and meaningfully tap our
broader support network.

  • International Expansion


The Classical Kids Live! symphony concert series has toured the world and connected CKME to a unique resource circle of internationally renown organizations and arts leaders. As part of it’s board development process, CKME is creating an international support group to help tap the broad network of professional connections it has created over the years in order to enter into collaborations that allow the organization to increase performances in more countries around the world.

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