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Jonah D. Winston as Joseph Bologne and Brandi Jiminez Lee as Giselle at DePaul University


We are thrilled to announce that following a successful sneak-peek preview on June 18th with Oistrakh Symphony at DePaul University in Chicago and final previews November 7th-9th with the Wichita Symphony, Saint-Georges’ Sword & Bow will have its Canadian premiere on November 19th with the Toronto Symphony and US premiere on December 2nd with the San Francisco Symphony! 

Check out this behind-the-scenes look at some of the superb fencing in Saint-Georges’ Sword & Bow!

Kelvin Roston Jr. as Joseph and Demetra Dee as Giselle, fight choreography by Nick Sandys

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Program Goals

Classical Kids Music Education recognizes that the principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) are vital to a fully realized cultural and artistic life for all individuals. Our mission is to provide children with an exciting and educational point of entry into the world of classical music by humanizing the lives of the great composers, creating an emotional connection to their musical masterpieces, and inspiring a personal excellence that leads to greater achievement and success in life. For far too long, the ideas of who the great composers are and which are the important stories of music history have not been built on cultural inclusion and equity. Consequently, we also recognize that Classical Kids must do the important work of expanding our own programming and repertoire to promote these ideas within our organization, audiences, and collaborators.

Moving forward, Classical Kids has identified three new programmatic goals:

  • Expand our Every Orchestra, Every Child Initiative to include discounts for orchestras that book Classical Kids, as well as a percentage of discounted or no-cost performance tickets for children and families who face financial challenges and/or limited access to the arts.
  • Translate Beethoven Lives Upstairs for Spanish-language performance and/or Spanish supertitles, and eventually do the same for Mozart’s Magnificent Voyage, Vivaldi’s Ring of Mystery, Tchaikovsky Discovers America, and Gershwin’s Magic Key.
  • Develop productions that reconsider and expand our ideas of the great composers, starting with Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges, who is widely regarded as the first classical composer of African heritage. Classical Kids has committed to and engaged BIPOC artists in the creative development process.

Fundraising for these initiatives is a priority in the coming seasons as ongoing, multi-year efforts to help Classical Kids become a more just, inclusive organization for our audiences, our artists, and our collaborators.
We will also continue our current outreach efforts, such as our Licensing Initiative and our school residency Music Inspires!, examining how we can change or expand those programs to prioritize EDI.
Our organization’s leadership also continues to review organizational structure and practices to identify and implement structural and/or administrative changes to promote EDI within Classical Kids.

We hope you will be part of this change! Thank you for your support of Classical Kids, our mission, and these new initiatives!




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