It was so nice and special working with you. Thank you for the wonderful program! 

What I loved about this program in particular was that, even though it was a kiddie program so to speak, there was absolutely no compromise in the quality of the music nor the performance of it; the pieces were the real Beethoven’s (other than their being shortened) and we performed as if we would for a regular concert. I think that it is invaluable for the young children to experience the real thing in the early stage of their lives. In this way, they will learn that there still is a great world beyond gaming music and Star Wars.

The music selections included some of the pieces that I had fallen in love with when I was little. It was so nice to revisit such early reps along with some pieces that I learned later. I was also very impressed with the actors; they are so gifted, engaging, and charming!

I heard great compliments from many people afterwards. I found that the program was enjoyable even for the children who might have been a bit younger than the targeted age group. I hope to see (or possibly to play in) your other productions in the future.

Thank you very much with my heartfelt congratulations to you and your company!