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Gershwin’s Magic Key will premiere with the National Symphony Orchestra at the Kennedy Center on April 26, 2015.

Previews of Gershwin’s Magic Key will be performed with the Peoria Symphony Orchestra at the Peoria Civic Center on April 17, 2015.

  • About the Production


Endorsed by the Gershwin Family Interests and supported by the National Endowment for the Arts, Gershwin’s Magic Key will be the first-ever, educationally – entertaining theatrical symphony concert exposing children and their parents to the extraordinary life and musical masterpieces of one of the greatest American composers of all time!

Focused individual donor funding opportunities and Corporate Sponsorships are available for this exciting new production launch that will premiere with the National Symphony Orchestra at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC on April 26, 2015. Following the premiere, the production will begin its North American Tour in the Fall of 2015 and will collaborate with major orchestras in the US and Canada reaching tens of thousands of children and their parents annually for years to come.

We value and recognize your generous support. The cost to create this production for its Kennedy Center premiere is budgeted at $85,000. An additional $35,000 is needed to launch the North American tour. As a not for profit 501(c)3 organization, all donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

The following links list funding opportunities for Individual Donors and Corporate Sponsors that help to support the creation of this world-class concert experience for diverse audiences and ensure that this production is part of the nation’s cultural landscape for years to come.

  • Opportunities for Support


There are many opportunities for individual and corporate support.

Donation Opportunities for Individuals
Click here to download a PDF with lists all the opportunities and benefits of supporting this project.

Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities
Click here to download a PDF with lists all the opportunities and benefits of sponsoring this project.

  • Options for Donating


You can donate directly to the organization through our online donation page, download a donation form, or take part in our Fundly Campaign.

Donate Directly
You can donate directly to Classical Kids via our direct donation page or by downloading a donation form.

Fundly Campaign
Take part in our Gershwin Giving Campaign via Fundly.com. Help our Board Members, Committee Members, and Key Supporters raise funds.

  • Supporters


We would like to thank the many supporters who have already contributed to the creation of Gershwin’s Magic Key!

  • Michael Adamski
  • Charlie Anderson
  • Roger Anderson
  • Henry Arkin
  • Peter Ascoli
  • Thad Avery
  • Penelope Bailer
  • David Barta
  • Brent Bell
  • Amy Berner
  • Gideon Blustein
  • David Borwick
  • Marceline Brower
  • Judy Bundra
  • Sean Buruato
  • Antoinette Catalla
  • Linden Christ
  • Cara & Drake Clements
  • Katy Coy
  • David & Peter Edelman
  • Gabriel Evans
  • Ludwig Defrenne
  • Marcia Devine
  • Laura Fitzgerald
  • Sandra Gamet
  • Patti Garwood
  • John Getzloff
  • Laurie Gleeson
  • Michael Golden
  • Ann & Fred Goldsmith
  • Lauren Gordon
  • Michael Halberstam
  • Phillip Hall
  • Michael Hammond
  • Linda Hansen
  • Barbara Herst
  • Emily Huebner
  • Jessica Hunt
  • Natalie Ingrisand
  • James Jensen
  • Kara Kane/Jim Sullivan
  • Mark Kaplan
  • Julie Kucinski
  • Anne Langley
  • Brian & Colleen Lareau
  • Joe Lehman
  • Andrew Leitza
  • Charles Leonard
  • Darin Johnson
  • Kenneth Kleszynski
  • Sean Krill
  • Joanna Maclay
  • Dawn Magyar
  • Katherine Meckel
  • Sue Medford
  • Tony Micocci
  • Zachary Mottl
  • Steve Multer
  • Gigi Olmstead
  • Carol Parker
  • Seth Parker
  • Kristin Patton/John Coleman
  • Lynn Pearson
  • Jean Pement
  • Paul Pement
  • Michelle Penar
  • Chris Petschler
  • Peggy Roeder
  • J Peyton Royal III
  • Pat Rusk
  • Elinor Saunders
  • Ben Saypol
  • Kim Scerine
  • Alan & Pamela Schwed
  • Perry & June Seese
  • Jason Shadle
  • Isaiah & Shirley Sheppard
  • Michael Soto
  • David Spector
  • Bruce Stickle
  • Mary J Straus
  • Fay Taylor
  • Missi Tkacsik
  • Kay Vanasco
  • Eric Wallbruch
  • Christopher Warmanen
  • Kristin Weiler
  • Ann Wise
  • Karen Wix
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If you have any additional questions regarding the Gershwin Giving Campaign, please feel to contact us.

Paul Pement
Executive & Artistic Director
(773) 828-4448 direct