Hallelujah Handel!

Script & Music Rental Only

Welcome to Georgian England where fine ladies and gentlemen travel to and from their stately homes in clattering horse-drawn carriages. Music fills London’s many concert halls and magnificent parks. But beyond this princely exterior, in a darkened room behind the opera house, lives a young, orphaned boy with a mysterious past and an extraordinary talent: he sings like an angel, but refuses to speak.

The stage is now set for Hallelujah Handel the dramatic Classical Kids Symphony Concert. The great composer George Frederic Handel arrives to conduct a rehearsal at the Foundling Hospital in London but he is quickly disturbed by the appearance of the diva soprano, Mme. Cuzzoni. This grandiose lady and Maestro Handel are drawn together by the haunting voice of Thomas, a young orphaned boy. Through their kindness, generosity and the power and majesty of Handel’s music, Thomas’ heart is finally healed.

Along the way, the story reveals much about Handel’s life and times in London including the city’s famous Vauxhall Gardens, the Opera Hall, the back streets of Gin Lane and finally the Foundling Hospital.

Hallelujah Handel is only available for licensing/script & music rental.



Hallelujah Handel is a theatrical presentation designed to introduce children to the life and music of George Frideric Handel. In this production, an orchestra, choir, child soloist and two performers are brought together on stage in celebration of Handel’s music.

A production script and music excerpt rehearsal CD, as well as choir director and chorister books, will be provided well in advance for rehearsal purposes. A Conductor’s Book, complete with full-score, cues and incorporated script, along with all individual musician parts, will be sent approximately 1 month in advance of the concert.

Suggested instrumentation is:
String Count

In addition to providing conductor and orchestra, presenter shall be responsible for the following requirements necessary to mount this theatrical symphony concert production:


Presenter will provide a director to facilitate the casting, directing and staging of two actors and the coordination of a choir, boy soloist, and orchestra.

Stage Manager

Presenter will provide a stage manager to assist the director in the above duties as well as technical coordination with venue’s staff and crew.


Presenter will provide two professional actors to play the roles of Maestro Handel and Madame Cuzzoni (must be a classically-trained Soprano). A child soloist will be chosen from within the choir to play the role of Thomas.

Production Elements

Presenter will provide all necessary production elements (costumes, props, lighting, and sound) as the story and director may require.


Presenter will provide a children’s choir (SSA). The Choirmaster is to rehearse the Choir in advance. The Choir will perform the following excerpts:

Cue 4: Approximately 15 bars of “For Unto Us”
Cue 5: Duet, Thomas and Mme. Cuzzoni, from “Verdi Prati”
Cue 9: Duet, Thomas and Mme. Cuzzoni, from the second verse of “Lascia”
Cue 12: Excerpt from “O Lovely Peace”
Cue 18: “See the Conqu’ring Hero Comes”
Cue 19: Bar 26 to end of “Glory to God”
Cue 21: Approximately 8 bars of “Piangerò”
Cue 23: Excerpt from “He Shall Feed His Flock”
Cue 24: Bars 1-19 and 91 to end of “Hallelujah”

Story in Scenes

Scene 1: Day One

A musician from the orchestra is inspired by the music of Handel to create a play about him. Thomas appears, a boy who sings but does not speak. The Choir bursts onto the stage, followed shortly by the colorful Mme Cuzzoni. They sing together.

Scene 2: The Ball

Mme Cuzzoni takes Thomas to a dazzling London ball to show the plight of London’s poor children. They dance a minuet and sing a famous song, “Lascia” (Give Me My Freedom).

Scene 3: Day Two

Handel dramatizes a harpsichord piece, “The Harmonious Blacksmith.”

Scene 4: The Opera Rehearsal

Mme Cuzzoni comically complains about the number of notes she has been given in the opera.

Scene 5: The Graveyard

Thomas has run off. Handel finds him in the graveyard behind the Foundling School, remembering his mother who was a singer. The Choir sings “O Lovely Peace.”

Scene 6: The Opera

Heralded by the bright orchestral piece, “The Queen of Sheba,” Mme Cuzzoni sings the part of Cleopatra in Handel’s opera, “Julius Caesar.”

Scene 7: The Walk Home

To the strains of the famous Water Music Air, Handel walks Thomas back home along the Thames River.

Scene 8: Day Three

The Messiah Rehearsal: Mme Cuzzoni is having trouble with the English words to “The Messiah.” Handel paints the shepherd scene, joined by the Choir in “Glory to God.”

Scene 9: The Search

Thomas has run off. Handel and Mme Cuzzoni search the back lanes of Gin Lane. They find him singing to his mother in the empty opera theatre. The choir joins him.

Scene 10: The Conclusion

To welcome Thomas home, the Choir sings “He Shall Feed His Flock” from “The Messiah.” The musicians lead the audience in singing the “Hallelujah Chorus.

Music Excerpts

  • Music for the Royal Fireworks, La Réjouissance
  • “For unto us a child is born” from Messiah
  • “Verdi prati” from Alcina
  • Suite in D major, Alla Hornpipe from Water Music
  • “Where’er You Walk” from Semele
  • Music for the Royal Fireworks, Minuet
  • “Lascia ch’io panga” from Rinaldo
  • “The Harmonious Blacksmith” from Suite No. 5 in E major
  • “Da tempeste il legno infranto” from Giulio Cesare
  • “O lovely peace” from Judas Maccabaeus
  • The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba from Solomon
  • “V’adoro” from Giulio Cesare
  • Music for the Royal Fireworks, Bourrée
  • Air from Water Music
  • “See, the Conqu’ring Hero Comes!” from Judas Maccabaeus
  • “Pifa” to “Glory to God in the hightest” from Messiah
  • Sinfonia from Samson
  • Sarabande from Keyboard suite in D minor
  • “Piangerò la sorte mia” from Giulio Cesare
  • “He shall feed His flock” from Messiah
  • “Hallelujah” chorus from Messiah


Minimum String Count

The instrumentation listed represents the maximum number of books we will supply to accommodate the largest of orchestras. Though we sill ship our full set of parts, we defer to your judgment in reducing players based on your particular needs and requirements.

In addition to the Conductor’s Score and incorporated script, the following number of musician parts will be provided:


  • Violin I (4 books)
  • Violin II (4 books)
  • Viola (3 books)
  • Cello (2 books)
  • Bass (1 book)


  • Flute I & II (1 book each)
  • Oboe I & II (1 book each)
  • Bassoon (1 book)


  • Horn I & II (1 book each)
  • Trumpet I & II (1 book each)


  • Timpani (1 book)
  • Harpsichord (1 book)
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