Mozart's Magnificent Voyage

This popular adaption of two Classical Kids stories features Mozart’s young son, Karl, who longs to be taken from his boarding school to spend more time with his famous father. An old travelling trunk serves as a magic chest that reveals an incredible journey back in time to Mozart’s childhood and into the fantastic world of Mozart’s great opera The Magic Flute. Along the way, Karl comes to understand Mozart’s extraordinary life as a travelling prodigy, his pressures from family and fame, his passion for composing, and the common bonds they both share.

Audiences will enjoy twenty three excerpts of the master’s music, including themes from Mozart’s operas The Marriage of Figaro and Don Giovanni, popular excerpts from The Magic Flute, and some of his most important and engaging works such as Ave Verum, Symphony No. 1, Clarinet Quintet, and Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. The music is magically woven into the drama as two actors recreate historical incidents from the composer’s life. This mesmerizing concert and story performance is approximately 50 minutes in length and is an ideal addition to any children’s education program or family concert series. This program is recommended for audiences age six and up.


Mozart’s young son, Karl, feels isolated and neglected from his experiences at boarding school. Wolfgang is experiencing his own pressures from family and fame. Their struggles act as a catalyst for sharing adventure and understanding as they discover the common bonds they both share. Watch this story come to life as Karl and his father relive young Wolfgang’s meeting of the Queen of England and the Pope in Rome. From the Sistine Chapel to Carnivale there is much to learn much about the young prodigy’s extraordinary life.

But that’s not all! Discover the great master’s passion for composing as they embark on a magic journey into the world of The Magic Flute. Follow the Prince and Papageno as they try to rescue Princess Pamina from the Queen of the Night in Sarastro’s enchanted castle. And see Karl’s wish come true as his father takes him to a performance of the Magic Flute. This true father-son event confirms for Karl that he is well loved and that, although history will mark an early death for his father just two months later, he will always have him by his side through his timeless music. The original audio recordings of Mozart’s Magnificent Voyage and Mozart’s Magic Fantasy claim many top music, educational, and parenting awards. Based on these highly acclaimed and award-winning recordings, this theatrical symphony concert is an imaginative way to introduce young audiences and their families to the life and music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in a live performance venue.

music excerpts

  • Magic Flute, Overture
  • Clarinet Quintent, Mvmt. II
  • Sonata in C Major, Mvmt. I
  • Magic Flute, Drei Knäbchen
  • Symphony No. 1, Mvmt. I
  • Allegro in B-flat
  • Marriage of Figaro, Overture
  • Flute Quartet in D, Mvmt. II
  • Magic Flute, “Der Vogelfänger”
  • Magic Flute, “O ew’ge Nacht”
  • Magic Flute, “Wie stark”
  • Magic Flute, Allegro/’Was Klinget’
  • Minuet in G for Piano
  • Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, Mvmt. I
  • Ave Verum Corpus
  • Don Giovanni, Act I Finale Minuet
  • Variations on “Ah, Vous Dirai-je”, Mvmts. I, II, IX and XII
  • Magic Flute, “Marsch der Priester”
  • Magic Flute, “Der Holle Röche”
  • Magic Flute, March
  • Sonata in A Major, Mvmt. I
  • Magic Flute, Finale


String count——tmp—pf+cel/synth*—str

*cel OR synth is listed only to cover the glockenspiel part in Magic Flute, Allegro/’Was Klinget’. An actual glockenspiel may be used.

The instrumentation listed represents the maximum number of books we will supply to accommodate the largest of orchestras. Though we still ship our full set of parts, we defer to your judgment in reducing players based on your particular needs and requirements.

A conductor’s score, complete with full score and dialogue cues, musician parts, and a reference script is sent at least 3 weeks in advance of the concert.


  • Violin I (6 stands)
  • Violin II (6 stands)
  • Viola (5 stands)
  • Cello & Bass (5 stands)


  • Flute I & II (1 stand each)
  • Oboe I & II (1 stand each)
  • Clarinet I & II (1 stand each)
  • Bassoon I & II (1 stand each)



  • Horn I & II (1 stand each)
  • Trumpet I & II (1 stand each)
  • Trombone I & II (1 stand each)
  • Trombone III (1 stand)


  • Timpani (1 stand)
  • Piano + Cel/Synth [Glockenspiel on Celeste or Synth] (1 stand)





The theatrical concert production of Mozart’s Magnificent Voyage is a combined adaptation of the best from both award-winning Classical Kids recordings Mozart’s Magnificent Voyage and Mozart’s Magic Fantasy.


United States

  • Annapolis Symphony Orchestra
  • Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra
  • Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
  • Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Charlotte Symphony Orchestra
  • Colorado Music Festival
  • Colorado Symphony Orchestra
  • Dallas Symphony Association
  • Delaware Symphony Association
  • Detroit Symphony Orchestra
  • East Texas Symphony Orchestra
  • The Fresno Philharmonic
  • Fort Collins Symphony Orchestra
  • Fort Wayne Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Grand Rapids Symphony Orchestra
  • Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra
  • Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra
  • Kansas City Symphony


  • Midland-Odessa Symphony & Chorale
  • Muscatine Symphony Orchestra
  • Napa Valley Opera House
  • National Symphony Orchestra
  • New Jersey Symphony Orchestra
  • North Carolina Symphony
  • Oklahoma Mozart Festival
  • Oistrach Symphony Orchestra
  • The Phoenix Symphony
  • Ravinia Music Festival
  • Reading Symphony Orchestra
  • Reno is Artown
  • Ridgefield Symphony Orchestra
  • Santa Rosa Symphony
  • Seattle Symphony Orchestra
  • Springfield Symphony Orchestra
  • Symphony Orchestra Augusta
  • Toledo Symphony Orchestra
  • Virginia Symphony
  • Wichita Symphony Orchestra
  • York Symphony Orchestra


  • Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Edmonton Symphony Orchestra
  • Niagara Symphony Orchestra
  • Orchestre symphonique de Québec
  • Toronto Symphony Orchestra
  • University of Lethbridge Conservatory of Music
  • Vancouver Symphony
  • Victoria Symphony Orchestra


  • Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra 


  • RBO Sinfonia